De Lazara


Tradition and innovation are the founding pillars of this reality which, located near Venice, is embedded in the suggestive frame of Torre di Mosto and whose roots sink in a prestigious and secular past.

 Is in this setting that a renowned and well-known farm arises. Its lands broaden boundlessly and uninterruptedly; its characteristic fecundity and quiet create an ideal sanctuary for the typical animal species of the zone as you can

appreciate simply walking around the countryside.



The lands are distinguished by the heed and the cure used in the plantations; indeed, this has always been a farm’s priority. As a proof, countless are the gold and silver medals dating back to the early 1900’s and numerous are the diplomas attesting the fertility of the soil since 1928; these are jealously guarded by the family and, as a matter of fact, they actually cover the office walls constituting the symbol of a great respect and passion for the past history.

The grapes actually cultivated and assigned to the production of Prosecco splay in a surface of 40 hectares while other 10 hectares are designed to the production of Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay; the new protagonists of the landscape are the rows of wine which extend regularly and orderly alongside the county renewing the identity of the panorama, enchanting in every season.

It’s the 1978 when the heirless count Leo de Lazara, farm’s owner, decided to leave as a gift the ownership of the farm to its grandson Giacomo Ferri, with the only desire to keep alive its rich of tradition surname which has always been

prestigious and famous. It is for this reason that from this moment de Lazara is attached to the Ferri surname.

However, the arable cultivated in the farm do not seem to satisfy the desire of the three grandchildren belonging to the succeeding generation; in fact these last want to honour and thank the uncle for the precious gift received in the


Is in this context that, in 2013, the three brothers decided to give new life to their uncle’s surname associating this last with a prestigious product such us the wine.

And what best variety if not the Prosecco, wine of a great history and tradition, in order to retrieve the importance of the past but with a little bit of vivacity and levity?




The De Lazara Brut Prosecco is produced with 100% Glera grapes in the vineyards of Torre di Mosto in the Province of Venice and it is a registered designation of origin product.

The will to marry the prestigious past of the farm with innovation and modernity is the point of strength of this audacious project.

This is also the supporting value of the company which is even deeply reflected in every feature of the product, in particular in the label.




The label illustrates the unmistakable De Lazara heraldic coat-of-arms which is repurposed in a modern and actual key.

The gaudy green colour of this last, in fact, exalts its beauty and creates an innovative and captivating contrast.

The crown at the apex of the picture confers stateliness and prestige to the bottle while the typically sparkling notes of the contained wine are revoked by the wings illustrated on the capsule which remind the freshness and the vivaciousness of the Prosecco enclosed in the bottle.

The sinuous, elegant and contemporary design of the bottle, juxtaposed to the black opaque colour that distinguishes it, not only accentuates the union between tradition and innovation, between history and future vision, but makes the bottle and unmistakable one, able to excite and decorate every moment.



Prosecco DOC Brut Millesimato - De Lazara Prosecco DOC Brut Millesimato - De Lazara
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Producer: De Lazara
      The 5 Properties of Prosecco De Lazara: - ORIGIN: our vineyards are located in Torre di Mosto, a strategic location because the proximity to the sea allows this land to breathe the sea air, which gives the Prosecco a surprising flavor. - QUALITY: for our Pro..
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